Choose a healing crystal bracelet by your intuition

Contact us if we temporarily have your desired bracelet size out of stock. We will place you on our priority list to get your size. We can make your desired size if the beads are available in our studio. You will find a button to sign up for email notifications when the bracelet is back in stock. Although we try to make bracelets that fit all wrist sizes, some gemstone beads can only be made in specific sizes. However, we can fill the gaps with smaller beads to suit your needs.

You will see that prices for different gemstones vary when you look through the Satin Crystals Bracelet collection. Prices vary depending on the quality and availability of the rock. Prices will rise if the gem is rarer or larger. Because they are more challenging and take longer to produce, smaller beads can sometimes be as costly as larger ones.

Your bracelet care will differ depending on which chakra bracelet for women you have. Your gemstone bracelets should be handled gently. Some crystals are more fragile than other and won’t take to water or other harsh chemicals. While some crystals are fine in water, bracelet components can be damaged by prolonged exposure to soaps, lotions, and wetness. If in doubt, use a soft cloth containing the leasttural oils to protect your gemstones.

Everclear crystal bracelets made with natural gemstone beads are handmade. You should ensure that your bracelets are clean and free from any negative energy. To ensure that every bracelet can be used for healing or manifestation, they are cleaned thoroughly and fully charged before shipping.

The bracelet is not intended to be worn in the water. The natural stones and spacer beads can be damaged by chlorine and minerals found in tap water. Angelite, a crystal with a low hardness, is a soft stone that doesn’t like water. Wear your bracelet if your hands get submerged in water. Dry them immediately.

You can clean your bracelet with warm soapy water if you notice any discoloration or buildup. Use a soft, damp cloth to scrub the beads gently. Rinse the beads under warm water and then dry them gently using a soft cloth. It is equally important to clean your bracelet’s energy. Because crystals are naturally extracted form the earth, they naturally retain the energies from the sun, moon, and ocean. These energies can be used to heal.

Each healing stone has its energy, depending on the minerals it is made from and the conditions in which they were grown. They also have magnetic tendencies due to their molecular structure. Crystals can communicate with the energy flow in the body and their environment to absorb negative energies and blockages. It is essential to cleanse your crystal bracelet’s energy regularly, give vibes, and reap the healing benefits of its properties.

The general rule of thumb is that the more your bracelet is worn, the more energy it gathers from direct contact with you. To maintain a high vibe, it is advisable to clean it at least once per month. But, I recommend that you use your intuition as much and as often as possible. Likely, your bracelet feels more energetically heavy than normal and disconnected from you.

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