GameMaker tips, tricks, and GML code snippets to use in 2022

YoYo Games has developed GameMaker Studio, a powerful 2D engine. GameMaker Studio is easy to use with its drag-and-drop interface and many features. GameMaker has been popularized by hit titles such as Hotline Miami and Hyper Light Drifter. The community now supports it with many 2D game developers, and new devs are joining the ranks all the time.

Cross-platform support allows this program to be deployed to any significant platform. This saves developers time and gives them access to multiple markets at once. You can also use its scripting language, Game Maker Language, to create any game. This list of tutorials for game maker will help you start building your dream games.

We have a range of tutorials covering different game genres, so you can be sure to find something for everyone. This tutorial was created by GameMaker studios and will guide you through the basics of a top-down action video game. We’ll begin with player movement and then more advanced topics.

This course will teach you how to use GameMaker and add your scripts. You can move your character around the screen using only a few lines of code. GameMaker allows you to program complex logic using a series of events and actions. Shaun Spalding explains everything you need to start making your platformer in GameMaker Studio 2

Shaun uses the latest methods to get beginners up and running in this series quickly. This series is for intermediate and advanced users. You’ll be jumping over pipes and on Goombas no matter what level you are at. The first step is to set up your game environment. Next, you will move on to the player movement. In less than 40 lines of code, you’ll be able to create collisions and gravity. GameMaker Studio 2 is a favorite of We are constantly aware of the latest developments in game design and can see many powerful, underpowered, expensive, and even free engines.

GameMaker Studio 2 offers an excellent option for people just starting their journey. Before I get ahead of myself, let’s review some facts, comparisons, and everything you need to know. To be objective and not get swayed by our biases, we’ll look at GameMaker Studio 2’s good and bad points and compare it to other popular game engines such as Unity.

Unity can’t do some things that GameMaker Studio can. But that’s me getting ahead of myself. Let’s look at the history of the engine to see what it does. You can drag and drop code if you don’t have many programming skills. You can call and run functions, modify and interact with files, run scripts and even add an in-app buying system.

GMS is a tool for novice users. GMS has become even more flexible with its recent drag and drop system redesign. The best part about GMS is viewing the code behind breath and drop boxes. This means you can theoretically learn code while building your game and customize it to suit your needs. It’s best not to learn a new skill while making a game.

You can also use your scripting language (GML) if you have programming skills. GML is built on C, and most programmers today are proficient in C++ or C#. GML is straightforward to use if you know-how program.

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