Reasons Why It’s Great To Make Your Own Perfume


Nowadays perfumes are a tool that can help in adding a dreamlike feeling to the atmosphere around us. Just a few drops applied Make your perfume singapore on certain places of your body and you will see people turning towards you quite often.When chosen carefully perfumes can add style to your life, making you stand out from the crowd and be noticed. However, not everybody can afford the price tags in perfume shops. This made me want to know the secret beyond the industry and the way they are designed. After a lot of research, I came to the conclusion that designing your own perfume can be very satisfying for several reasons.

There are many advantages of making your own perfume:

1: When you make your own perfume you are able to find the fragrance that defines your personality and style, matches your moods and emotions and makes you feel special. If you make your own perfume you get the freedom of choosing the fragrances you want to use.

2: It can be a perfect personalised gift for family and friends. I have often found myself in the situation of not knowing what to choose as a gift for someone dear to me, and blending a special fragrance just for them can make the people they’re designed for feel special and appreciated.

3: If exposed to certain elements, it is possible that skin rashes and other allergic reactions may appear in no time.I used to sneeze for about a minute or two after applying the perfume bought from the shops. Knowing exactly what the fragrance contains can assure that your skin is kept away from preservatives and other chemical compounds.

4: Affordable options! Only 10 percent of the fragrance price available in the shops is allocated to the fragrances, the rest going to advertising, packaging, tax and profit. So I thought: Why not cut out the middle person?

5: You get to name it yourself! I am sure that at least once in your life you wished you could create something original that you can name and get the credits for.

I thought it is only fair I also write the disadvantages:

a- Sometimes it can be tricky to find all the ingredients you want in the same place.

b- It can be very difficult trying to copy a designer fragrance, if not impossible.

In order to find your perfect perfume, research must be done and the imagination must be set free.

I love perfumes and I love wearing them every day. I even wear one during the night after having my relaxing bath. I only wear fragrances I design, which makes me feel special, feminine and unique.

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