How will you be helped after equipment purchase? Do you know the name of your RIDGID representative Is your representative available? Do you have the ability to demo the equipment for the decision maker and provide training for the crew? What is the process for getting that equipment back in working order if it does go wrong? How fast can it be returned?

It is more than the cost or the name on a reel that should be considered. The support for that investment should be a key part of what you do. RIDGID is always improving and investing in service. We have a vast network of service centers to provide the necessary care for your system. These commonly asked questions should help you find the pipe inspection tools that best suit your needs. This will enable Spartan drain machine you to work efficiently on the job and bring you immense job satisfaction. To learn more about the RIDGID inspection systems, request a free demonstration.

That’s all there is to it about the Ridgid26743 SeeSnake Camera Micro Inspection Camera. This is a must-have camera because of its compact size, many features, and excellent image. It’s now easy to gain access to a wall or ceiling to inspect for leaks or other issues. It’s easier than a 3/4-inch hole to repair than an open large enough to hold your head.

The Ridgid SeeSnake Micro Inspection Kamera arrived in a well-packed cardboard retail box. The SeeSnake was protected by a nylon zippered bag. The SeeSnake’s body was secured by the foam liner. A clear plastic pocket was located inside the lid for the manual or accessories. Ridgid 65 ‘SeeSnake microDrain W/Sonde is also offered by the company. This could be of benefit to plumbers who are required to perform more extensive diagnostics.

The SeeSnake Micro is much smaller and easier to use than the Ridgid micro CA300 inspection camera. The handle features a hard rubber grip, and the material around the screen’s bezel is the same. According to manufacturer, the 4 AA battery can last up 6 hours. On the top of this unit is a switch with a wheel shape that turns on screen and camera. If you keep turning the wheel, dual LED lights on camera head turn from off to dimming to full brightness depending on wheel position.

The flexible shaft measures three feet in length and is very stable. The shaft is connected to the camera with a positive connection. It has rubber gaskets as well as a screw down nuts to keep everything dry. Ridgid SeeSnake Micro shaft’s original configuration is waterproof and will remain so, even after an optional extension of 10 feet. The manufacturer advises against getting the unit wetter than 10 feet. The unit can support extensions of up to 30 ft.

We were able to identify moisture issues in a wall during our first Ridgid Micro Inspection Camera test. Mildew had formed around the base of a wall, as well as around some receptacles in exterior walls. The building was not so old that the owners needed to look for answers. To start our investigation, a 3/4-inch hole was made in the sheet rock. It was about a foot above its interior floor. We then took our Ridgid SeeSnake Mic and stuck the camera’s end through the hole.

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