Stoner T-Shirts For men and women

Fashion is an integral part of your life. It’s only natural that you want to express your love for cannabis through fashion. The world of weed apparel is vast and diverse. There are simple, plant-based clothing brands and statement pieces that will always be a hit.

Instead of spending hours browsing the web or walking from store to store in your shoes, we have gathered the best designs of top weed apparel brands from worldwide in one location. Without further delay, let’s light our jays and take a look. Zumiez, which specializes in streetwear and skate gear, is our first favorite brand of marijuana clothing. This store is innovative and offers the best designs, with some smoking cannabis references.

This hazy-green tie-dye tee-shirt featuring a Herbal Studies text design at the front in a classic font is our favorite Zumiez cannabis clothing design. This 100% cotton shirt was designed by Pot Meets Pop and will be a great way to show off your “field of study” to all who see it. The Meowy Jane soft gray tie-dye-desert can show off your love for cannabis that only other weed lovers can understand. Made by Your HigherHighness t-shirt features a relaxed crew neck fit and a 100% cotton weave that keeps it soft and natural.

Next on our list of the best weed apparel brands is Mister Green, the progressive lifestyle brand based in LA that provides the public with some simple eclectic clothing designs and fantastic cannabis-niche-specific home goods and accessories. This friendly shop caters to the most high-minded people in the world. This PRMTVO heavyweight cotton tee features a large extensive psychedelic tree man on the front. The back has green statement text that says, “Plant Plant-Based marijuana apparel is even more impressive. Each shirt comes with a burlap pouch that you can store your stash in and a couple of psychedelic buttons for decorating it.

Sugarhigh Lovestoned is as sweet and sugary as sugar. It’s a go-getter lifestyle company based in Maui, Hawaii. With strong support for women’s rights and rights positive attitude towards legalization, Sugarhigh Lovestoned is an easy-to-use brand. Their supply chain is environmentally conscious, only producing small batches at once, and all prints are non-toxic water-based inks. We love their enthusiasm and the fun-loving weed clothing for women.

The Not As Think funny statement t-shirt is an excellent example of why we love this brand’s women’s natural weed apparel clothing. It features a soft pastel-lined collar and sleeve with yellow text. This 100% cotton design has been pre-washed with water-based dyes.

Letter Shoppe is a less subtle brand that focuses on cannabis clothing for the badass people who love to display their deepest emotions loudly for all to view. This forward-thinking brand is focused on creating great designs that spark conversation and spread empowering messages about cannabis, mental healthcare, and self-love.

This Pass Joints Not Judgment black and white hoodie from Pass Joints Not Judgment is charming. The artwork is impressive. This super-soft blend of polyester and 50/50 cotton gives you a relaxed fit. It also features double stitching and a pocket in the front to store your lighter or phone.

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