You may wonder where all the cd’s, records and cassettes have vanished! Well that’s the blessings of top music streaming sites like Spotify, Apple Music. The practices of listening to new music have shifted to new age music medium. Spotify now an integral part of people’s lives to listen to new playlist or stream new single of their favorite music artists.

Buy SPotify plays, the new age medium of music streaming have developed an eco-system that is beneficial for not only listeners but also for musicians. This widely used music streaming platform is facilitating musicians to connect with listeners in an easiest manner. Moreover, the pay per streaming structure have made musicians relentless to hop on spotify journey and connect with millions of audience. On the other hand listeners are getting chance to connect with fresh music and artists every single day. So it’s a win-win situation for both ends. Getting connected with audience this easy was not possible in the era of cd’s, records and cassettes. And thus cd’s, records and cassettes are already a part of the history.


But there’s another side of the says, as spotify grew to be the most successful and widely used music streaming platform, the platform is stuffed with new thousands of music and artists every single day. The chances for new musicians to get noticed by the audience are getting thinner for past several years. And the race for getting into country based spotify chart is now even more competitive than any countries presidential candidacy. The scenario is even more impenetrable for musicians who just joined spotify yesterday or even a month ago. And this situation is slowly developing a frustrating scenario within the music industry and among musicians who are trying to build up their music career by spotify.


That’s why fresh musicians are depending on different type of spotify promotion service such as playlisting, PR promotion, paid advertisements etc. Not only the fresh musicians but also the established spotify artists are leaning towards to buy spotify plays to retain their position on the spotify chart. Many music promotion agencies like working side by side with musicians to help them achieve their desired status on spotify chart.

Spotify have opened a whole new era for music streaming. They have shifted & molded the new age lifestyle in a better way. They have taught the whole generation around the world a new way of listening music. Nevertheless, they have also opened a huge opportunity for new & fresh musicians by breaking the stereotype of connecting new musicians to the audience. Undoubtedly, spotify is making and shaping the music industry in a better way.

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