Tips on How to Move Heavy Furniture By Yourself

You have a variety of options for packing clothes to move. If the clothes are not too heavy, you can put them in suitcases or cardboard boxes. You can hang clothes in a wardrobe box specially designed for hanging. You don’t need to figure out how to pack your hangers to move! When packing shoes for moving, ensure to protect them from one another. To prevent sharp heels and buckles from damaging your other shoes, wrap each pair of shoes separately. To help shoes retain their shape, you can put socks inside.

You can reuse jewelry when you pack it. To keep your necklaces tangled, string them through straws or a roll of toilet paper to prevent them from becoming tangled. Moving companies wrap TVs in quilted furniture pads and treat them like any other. If you don’t own the original box, plasma TVs require special best furniture movers in dubai wooden crates to ship. They can also be damaged if they are laid flat. Double-box your TV and place the container with the TV in another container. You can then wrap the paper with packing paper.

We know how difficult it can be, so we created this comprehensive guide to help you move heavy furniture yourself. You’ll find tips and tricks on how to prepare your space and lift heavy furniture safely. Remember that although we are confident you can move everything yourself, it is a good idea to ask a friend for help if there are stairs or heavy lifting.

Clearing your space of any items that could cause you to trip or fall is perhaps the most crucial tip in our guide to moving heavy furniture. This means you should not leave shoes, toys, bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, or other items on the ground or in walkways. You should also make sure your pets are kept in a safe area.

Take a look at your wardrobe when figuring out how to move heavy furniture safely. You’ll have trouble moving heavy items if your shoes aren’t right. High heels and flip-flops are no good. Closed-toed shoes are best (if you slip and fall on your foot)—non-slip grip at the bottom. Wear loose, lightweight, and breathable clothing. If your clothes are too tight, you don’t want the fabric to be split.

Do not be surprised if there are bumps in the road when moving heavy items. Wrap your things in bubbles or plastic to protect them and your space. How do you move upholstered furniture? Consider plastic covers for chairs and sofas. You can also use sheets or blankets to cover furniture if you are in a hurry.

Protect your walls and floors by placing furniture pads under your furniture. This one might seem silly, but we are serious. You wouldn’t do stretching if you were to run a marathon or weightlift, so don’t skip it when moving heavy furniture. You can strain your muscles or even throw your back if you don’t take care when lifting heavy furniture. Warm up your muscles by doing arm, side, back, and leg stretches to prevent injury.

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