Tips to Find Your Dream Job in the Cannabis Industry

A great way to make your CV stand out is to include specific numbers in your job history and achievements. If you’ve helped your former employer acquire new clients by including specific numbers or percentage growth, it shows that you have the exact data to support your claims. Your recruiter will appreciate your ability to provide concrete numbers and not just abstract attributes.

Since the cannabis industry has just begun, few people have had direct experience in working in this field. Use your experience in the cannabis industry to your advantage. Focus on those skills and set goals clearly. You don’t need to have any experience in cannabis, but you should focus on your strengths and skills that can translate well into the industry. Experience with customer interaction, point-of-sale systems and people management are all important if you want to become a manager or cannabis jobs near me budtender at a cannabis dispensary.

Even if your experience is in highly regulated industries, such as tobacco, alcohol, and pharmaceuticals, or if you’ve worked in a fast-paced startup environment, these skills will be useful in the highly-regulated and startup-laden cannabis market. You can use your skills in inventory management, sales, web development, digital marketing and accounting to help you get the job.

Being a candidate in this industry requires that you are up-to-date with the latest industry standards and regulations. It is easier to be distinguished from other candidates for the job you desire if you have a good understanding of current trends, regulations, and technology in the ever-changing world of cannabis. You can make up the difference by doing your research and studying up on current cannabis trends.

It is important to check the state laws regarding the cannabis industry to ensure you have the correct certifications. The state you reside in may require a license for growers, processors and retailers. You might also need to complete certification if you apply for a position that involves “plant-touching”.

Colorado, for example, requires all “plant-touching”, cannabis employees to obtain a MED(Marijuana Enforcement Division), badge to comply state law. You will need to check your eligibility and complete your application. Once you have signed your application, make an appointment at a local MED Office and pay the $100 fee. After your background check has been completed, your MED badge will be sent to you by the MED office.

You should research your state’s requirements for licenses, application processes, and background checks to ensure you’re qualified for the position in which it is. You can also get state certifications. There are also many education programs available that can help you stand out in the job market. You can obtain certifications for cooking (edibles), opening dispensaries or delivery services, law and medical marijuana through both online and in-person classes. These courses are not required by law but can be used to show potential employers you have the drive and knowledge to learn everything about cannabis.

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