What is bioidentical hormone replacement?

These pellets are composed of testosterone or estradiol, which have the same molecular structures as the natural body hormones. However, they are made of organic plant material. The pellets are compressed into a compound about the same size as a rice grain. This small pellet will be inserted under the skin of the hip region, where small quantities of hormones are released directly into your bloodstream. It works because it is similar to the way our ovaries, testes and sperm release hormones in younger years.

The pellets deliver an even level of hormone to the blood stream when we employ this method. The patient can avoid the fluctuation that may occur when using creams, patches, or pills. The liver can also be protected by delivering the bioidentical hormonal directly to the bloodstream. Oral hormone therapy may affect the liver. Pellets also eliminate increased production of clotting factor.

Pellet therapy helps balance the levels of Bio Hormone Center testosterone and estrogen, which are essential for serotonin production. It is a chemical that regulates the way people feel. Without it, they can experience fatigue, irritability and difficulty focusing. The pellets can last from 3 to 6 months in women. Men can use them for up to six months. This outpatient treatment is associated with minimal side effects, and little to no downtime.

Bioidentical hormone therapy, like any other medical procedure isn’t suitable for everyone. Women who are prone to breast, endometrial, ovarian or other cancers, should not undergo any hormone therapy. Blood clot prone individuals are also not good candidates for BHRT. Our team of experts will be able assess whether you are compatible with bioidentical hormonal therapy when we meet with you for a consultation.

Bioidentical hormone treatment could help you if you have been experiencing symptoms of hormonal imbalance. We understand that your hormonal health is important to the functioning of your body. Our goal is to make you feel better. Contact us today for a consultation to learn more about the safe and effective treatments available.

The messenger system of your body is a vital part of the hormones. Hormones send messages to nearly every part of the body, controlling metabolism, growth and reproduction. These hormones can affect your mood, libido and body hair.

You have an imbalance if your hormones are either too high or low. When your hormones become out of balance, your body has a hard time functioning properly. The symptoms of a hormone imbalance may also affect you in your everyday life. Bioidentical hormone therapy can treat hormone imbalances.

BHRT stands for Bioidentical Replacement Therapy. Bioidentical hormones replacement therapy is similar to traditional hormone therapy and can be used by both women and men who are experiencing hormonal imbalances or drops.

Bioidentical hormones are most commonly used to treat the menopause symptoms in women. However, they can also be prescribed for other medical conditions. Pellets are the most efficient way to boost hormone levels. Bioidentical hormones can be administered in many different ways.

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