Advantage & DisAdvantages Hotel Bardenas of Travel & Enjoyment

The guests at the hotel are able to experience an area that is unique to it. It’s a comfortable and safe space, with pleasant temperatures, and the convenience of being in touch with a person in any issues or questions. It’s a truly unique experience because everyone is able to connect with the site and be able to enjoy themselves in a serene setting Hotel Bardenas. Additionally, our spaces are designed so as to create an experience of being in nature that is incredibly uncommon nowadays.Aire De Bardenas, a simple but elegant hotel that has 20 rooms as well as 10 bubblers. The rooms we offer are classified into doubles, cubicles and suites. Some offer stunning views of the wheat fields, and some open to the private patio.

Aire of Bardena is a posh design hotel located in the Spanish Navarra region. In the hotel’s rooms and bubbles, guests can be in the peaceful scenery that are part of Bardenas National Park. The hotel was built by the Barcelona-based designers Emiliano Lopez as well as Monica Rivera. Although many consider Aire de Bardenas as a moon base, this architectural marvel is exceptional because of its location in an extraordinary setting and its luxurious facilities as well as the superior quality of food produced by the hotel that is served in the restaurant.It’s great to sit on the terraces and eat tapas and sip a beverage while watching pedestrians strolling through.

A must-do that I highly recommend is an Segway ride through Europe’s largest desert that is the Bardenas. It’s an enjoyable experience for everyone of all age groups. Families are also encouraged to go for a hike in the desert to observe the creatures. It is something my children and I enjoy doing each summer. There are a variety of beautiful olive groves and wineries within the vicinity that are available to visit; they also offer tours, olive oil and wine tastings. Aire de Bardenas is extremely close to Tudela which is an old city that is full of landmarks and excellent eateries. Going towards Tudela is an option we would like to recommend to our guests since they will get an authentic experience of local life.

Suites are bigger than the double rooms , and come with a living area. The suites with views are outside , and those with outdoor bathtubs are within in the central building. The cubes are an individual structure, with some having an individual patio, bathtub and a tree, while others are set in the wheat fields that surround them. The 10 bubbles stand out from the other hotel. They’re transparent inflatable structures that are constructed of reinforced plastic and aluminum. Inside, it’s as if there was no ceiling above and a clear perspective of sky, and stars.

There’s a restaurant at Aire de Bardenas which serves delicious local cuisine. Breakfast is served at the hotel and includes orange juice coffee, eggs and eggs. fruits and vegetables grown in our garden cookies and biscocho an indigenous speciality. The rooms are outfitted with televisions, Wi-Fi and air cooling. The hotel has bicycles that guests are able to rent. We have a pool right on the premises and provide spa treatments. It is a fact that whatever requests or desires our guests have, we’ll do our best to meet their needs. Of course, we are always willing to offer advice on any excursions in the area of the hotel.

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