Can anyone with any skin type go in for these treatments?

To achieve glowing skin, it may not suffice to use skincare products due to the increased levels of pollution, UV exposure, and stress. This is where mesotherapy, botox, and derma fillers come in. Skin boosters have become a viral skin treatment amongst skincare enthusiasts. This skin treatment is excellent for dull, dry, lifeless people. This promising in-clinic skin therapy promises to give you the glowing complexion of your dreams. It is non-invasive and requires minimal downtime.

We asked Dr. Niketa Sonavane, a Dermatologist and founder at Ambrosia Aesthetics Mumbai, to help us understand the skin booster treatment. Skin Boosters can be described as filler Supplies micro-injections with hyaluronic to the skin. Hyaluronic Acid is a natural moisturizer for the skin, muscles, and joints. It can draw 1000x its own weight in liquid water and retain the water molecules within it. This provides deep and natural hydration for the skin.

Skin boosters can be injected into the papillary dermis, activating the fibroblast cells. This stimulates new collagen formation and elastin production, which results in healthy-looking skin that is plump and glowing. You can apply this skin rejuvenation procedure to your hands, neck, decollate, and face for improved hydration and texture.

Hyaluronic-based dermal fillers are stronger and more rigid because they have crosslinking links. They can be injected into the skin to give it a lifting and volumizing action. They can enhance the contour of your face’s lips, cheeks, and other areas.

Skin boosters, on the other side, are not crosslinked hyaluronic. They are not intended to volumize or shape the face. They are used to moisturize and improve the skin’s quality. These products can be considered a combination of a moisturizer and serum that can nourish your skin.

Hyaluronic acids are skin boosters clinically proven to increase collagen and elastin. This is due to environmental and age-related damage. Firmer, more youthful skin is possible by increasing collagen and elastin production. In just weeks, wrinkles, pores, and fine lines will disappear.

Skin booster injections change how light bounces off your skin. This will give you a better complexion and decrease skin pigmentation. Hyaluronic acid boosters can be used if you have dry or mature skin. This will make your skin glow from the inside. Skin boosters are a complete treatment for rejuvenation that reduces wrinkles, improves skin tone, and hydrates the skin.

Skin boosters are safe for everyone, regardless of age or skin type. They are ideal for mature and dry skin types. But, skin boosters are also great for younger skin types because they provide a glowing, dewy look. Although the treatment is safe for all, diabetics must be covered by antibiotics to avoid infection. To prevent bleeding, hypertensive individuals must discontinue aspirin for one week.

To give a complete face treatment, we separate the skin into sections. The forehead, temples, and cheeks are divided. Each unit requires 1ml of skin booster. Each neck section receives 1ml of skin booster. The promoter is then injected in micro-droplets into the upper layer.

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