Customer Support Software for Your Call Center


Having the correct software simplifies work in multiple ways, especially, when it comes to complex functions such as sales and support. These functions require management of large omnichannel platform volume of data, simultaneously. It is for this reason that a call center too can benefit hugely from customer service and support software.

Extending quality customer service and support is vital to a business’ growth and expansion. A good service function can ensure a loyal and satisfied customer following and good brand recall. Customer service and support is often regarded as a sales function, but if gauged well, it can branch out to do miracles for the marketing function as well.

There are essentially four types of customer care software that you can use in your call center. Each comes with its own set of advantages. It is purely up to you and your business’ needs as to which one you want to adopt into your business.

Here are the Four Kinds of Commonly Used Customer Support Software:

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

This is one of the most basic kinds software that a call center could not do without. It serves the main purpose of calling, handling, and receiving calls. The software uses the internet to make phone calls cheaper, reliable and more effective. It works with compatible soft phones and hard phones and uses a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) to conduct the same. It has now become the platform of choice for most call centers, as against the traditional phone system.

Here are some of the common features of VoIP software:

Mobile access
Automatic call distribution
Conference and video calling
Auto dialer
Call management
Call metric tracking

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The CRM is the database companies and call centers cannot do without. This database contains all the client information which helps companies to provide directed and personalized marketing and sales efforts to their customers. It also helps companies ensure a steady and long term relationship with their customers. CRM when integrated with the right solutions can open to you a world of information and analytics. The software essentially can track and record data about customer activities, their web behavior and service requests among other functions. Following are the features that CRM software is designed to provide:

Contact/customer management
Sales forecasting
Task management
Performance management
Workflow automation
Lead management
Partner management
Collaboration tools
Reporting and other analytics

Gamification is introducing game concepts of reward points, level progressions and badges, which make normal routine work seem more motivating. Call center employees have to deal with many different types of customers on an everyday basis. Most of the customers are often disgruntled who want quick fixes for their issues. Handling such irate clients over phone calls is not an easy task and thus leads to high rates of employee disengagement. Good gamification platforms provide for easy integration with your CRM processes thus letting you build games with your existing workflow items and KPIs.


Helpdesk software helps in automation of service management. It helps record and process large volumes of requests without letting quality issues creep in. The integrated helpdesk software lets managers and administrators track and measures important KPIs. There are a variety of helpdesk solutions to choose from in the market starting from basic product troubleshooting, to HR helpdesk, and IT support. Here are some of the features you can expect in helpdesk software:

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