FMWhatsApp Download APK v19.30.1 (Official Latest Version) With Fundamental Features

It is among the most popular MODs of WhatsApp created by a well-known developer Fouad MODS. With FMWhatsApp you can avail more features, as well as the chat function of WhatsApp messenger. You can utilize WhatsApp’s WhatsApp cellphone number sign up for FMWhatsApp and then you’ll be able to utilize the additional features. No person in your circle will be able recognize the fact that you’re using a mod version WhatsApp and you will be able to use it in a private manner. Furthermore, the cool features of FMWhatsApp APK can help you to maintain control over your Privacy.

If you’re someone who is not a public person, it is strongly recommended that you make use of FMWhatsApp since you will be able to take total charge of privacy. It offers numerous features like the ability to freeze Last Seen and Freeze, adding restrictions on calls or displaying statuses in a hidden view, and many more. We will go over the privacy features of it in the next article.

Apart of the privacy features it also lets you send large files to your contacts, and bypass all the restrictions on sharing. In WhatsApp messenger you can upload videos that are less than 16MB. With FMWhatsApp however you can upload a videos with a size of up to 700Mb, which is an amazing feature. There is no limit on the use of FMWhatsApp in any way and you can access it at no cost and without trouble.

In the present, we require more features and functionality in software that can make any task simple. We are not happy with applications that do not provide the necessary features. Consider the case of WhatsApp Messenger, which is the best messaging app for the Android platform, however its users are shifting to the MOD version. Why? because all the MOD versions of it, such as FMWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp includes additional features.

And If you’ve ever utilized WhatsApp Messenger and you are aware that you can’t transfer large files, nor send messages with more than five contacts simultaneously. To take advantage of more features and get rid of all limitations of WhatsApp Messenger, download FMWhatsApp. It’s among the top WhatsApp MOD that’s reliable and created by a well-known and reputable developer who is known under the name of Fouad MODS. Let me go over the features a bit more, and then I’ll provide you with an FMWhatsApp v9.25 Download link.

Download FMWhatsApp APK by visiting this post. If you have a smartphone device, you may use WhatsApp in it. For more features on your WhatsApp You can make use of FMWhatsApp APK. This APK is developed by third-party developers who provide additional features such as blocking online status, hiding online status, calls DND mode, themes support.The most important characteristic of FMWhatsApp is the ability to download status immediately. Save the status of any image or video directly from FMWhatsApp.

Additional features such as hiding online status, disabling the Internet connection for Whatsapp and messaging in bulk, schedule messages etc make the app even more useful.The one thing that frustrates the users of WhatsApp is the limitations of its features. For example, while you can transmit up to thirty photos at a time The video size is restricted to 16 MB. In addition, for PDFs spreadsheets, documents and slideshows, the maximum permitted files are 100 MB.

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