How to Get Free Plants: Basic Ways to Increase Your Plant Collection

Although gardening can be expensive, there are many free ways to get plants. These simple tips will help you get more plants in your backyard if you don’t have the budget. One of the most simple suggestions is to divide perennial plants into smaller pieces and then choose self-seeding plants that happily scatter their seeds so you can get many more the following year. These two garden ideas are cheap and work every time.

It’s worth learning how to take cuttings and save your seeds. If you are a beginner, there are many ways you can get started and increase your stock without spending a lot of money big plants. You only need a few forks to transform one plant into three, four, or more. Push the divisions in the soil a few inches back, and then pull the clump apart. These can then be divided into smaller pieces you can plant elsewhere in your garden.

While most perennial plants can be divided at any time, summer flowering plants will do best if it is done in spring. Spring-blooming plants work best when they are in summer. Ask your friends and family to look at their gardens if they don’t have perennials. It’s a good thing to do for them, as they will be more vigorous if you divide perennials frequently. This is a great way to grow your plant collection; the new plants will soon outgrow the old ones.

If you want to learn how to create a herb garden, remember that many herbs thrive when divided, including chives and lemon balm. Mint is a wildfire killer, so plant divisions in pots. You can turn one plant into ten by learning how to take plant cuttings. It’s one of the most popular and prominent plant growth methods.

Take cuttings only if the parent plant is in good health. It should also be large enough to allow for one or more cuttings. They can be propagated by layering, rooting, dividing, or planting directly into the soil. Softwood cuttings can be used for tender plants such as pelargoniums and petunias. Softwood cuttings can be taken from lavender, rosemary, and hydrangeas shrubs. Although they require more attention than hardwood, softwood cuttings are easier to root and grow. Our dedicated guide contains tips and tricks on how to take lavender cuts.

Hardwood cuttings are a good choice for most deciduous shrubs, roses, and climbers like honeysuckle. If you are looking for indoor plants, learn how to propagate succulents. Look out for the lower section at your local nursery or garden center. They often have racks with plants that look tired, especially towards the end of the season. Many retailers will even dispose of plants that are not looking their best.

You can also find cheap ways to get new plants for your backyard budgets, such as your ard or garage sales on Sunday mornings, flea markets, and church fetes. There are many places to buy perennials and vegetable plants at bargain prices. Locally buying means buying plants that thrive in your own soil and conditions.

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