How to Prioritize Your Online Fitness Marketing

These 100 tips will help you prioritize online fitness marketing for your personal training or fitness boot camp business. The internet salepage provides endless opportunities for fitness marketing – it’s deciding what’s worth your time and money that can be tricky.

1. Make sure you have the necessary volume of time to produce a survey into your market to discover what what exactly clients are looking for.

2. It would certainly help to amass a whole bunch of “before& after” pics and testimonials from your previously satisfied customers. This is one of the most important fitness marketing strategies available.

3. Produce a strong salepage/direct response style website and video and make sure it definitely includes a strongly compelling headline. It should also include a solid number of before and after pictures and the strongest call to action possible. Update your home page often, including more recent before and after photos as often as possible.

4. Always employ the proper steps to be positive that any advertisements on Craigslist five to seven days per week will show a significant amount of social proof in the many several categories

5. It is of the most vital important that the site be listed on the following directories: Yahoo Directory, BOTW, Joe Ant, and Gimpsy.

6. Employ a wide array of SEO optimized pages that have been designed in such a way that the site includes basically anything that would be of interest to those that might be potential customers. The various key phrases they search for must be included in the site. This means the keywords must appear on titles, pages, and meta tags in a reliable manner. Afterwards, focus must shift to procuring a great many links connected to all the various pages while using the right keyword terms for the anchor text. Then, you will add the SEO optimized pages to the site and further link them from a sitemap placed on the homepage to elsewhere on the site.

7. Create links employing an anchor text on your SEO optimized pages from the unique articles that you’ve published on the following sites:,,, and

Here is one of the major fitness marketing strategies: Submit links to fitness and health sites and blogs that are known to offer 100% unique articles that guests post on. After they publish the first articles, submit more and more to these sites over an extended period of time. This will improve your promotional effort a lot.

This process is designed more for juicing the links for SEO and page rank rather than to promote direct traffic from these sites. However, this process is definitely helpful and workable.


8. Learn as much as you can about Google AdWords You will need to have an optimized landing page or you could explore the option of having a web designer do it. Craft ads that employing keywords in order to produce the classic direct response. Don’t forget to set your position preference for 1, 2, or 3. Add some negative keywords as well – this is often overlooked. Turn off the content network as soon as possible Monitor and improve the pages on the site.

9. Be sure to get your business listed in Google Local and place positive reviews on the page. Be sure to present an address close or at least very close to the center of the city

10. Roll out Facebook Ads campaigns for enhancing business potential Make sure you’re targeting your ideal demographic and location in the most effective manner Again, you will employ classic and old fashioned direct responses that will be accompanied by compelling images. Redirect site visitors to a “squeeze page” where you can obtain email addresses for future specials.

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