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Texting and Driving Facts and Statistics about cell phone usage while driving may be helpful to families in reducing the risk of a dangerous accident.

Facts and statistics about texting while driving, and using other mobile devices behind the wheels show how this is an increasingly dangerous multitasking. Texting, checking Facebook or talking on the phone while driving are all distractions that take our eyes and minds off driving. When combined with a lack of experience or driving skills and inexperience, cell phones can have a deadly effect on teen drivers.

As technology changes and distractions are introduced, parents should make sure that their teens know the importance of engaging driving. Engaged driving is when the driver remains attentive and focused. Families should agree to refrain from using distractions while driving.

It is also best to avoid calling your teenager when they are driving. You can ask for a call before departing and after arriving. If a parent calls or texts a teen while they are driving, the teen might feel obliged to respond.

You can also set the phone’s default to “do NOT disturb”. Apple’s IOS has recently been upgraded to include a setting that prevents distraction while driving. If the device detects the driving mode, it will automatically send messages to the driver and won’t alert them. Apple Support will show you how to do this.

Journal of Adolescent Health published a new study that shows great promise for helping teens to stop texting and driving. Six-week text messaging interactive program decreased self-reported texts while driving by 18- to 25-year old participants.

It’s important to get that out of the door: many people have portable devices with them on the toilet. This includes phones and mobile gaming consoles, such as Nintendo Switches or Steam Decks. You may be reading this on your toilet.

Amazingly, only a small number of studies have been done on this topic. NordVPN conducted a survey earlier this summer, and 65% of the respondents (9800 adults) claimed to have used their smartphones in bathrooms. However, it is also anecdotal. This habit has been around for many decades. People have always kept their magazines and books by their porcelain throne. In a time when we have more and smaller devices, it makes sense that people would use them in quiet times.

Nir Eyal a lecturer and author who specializes in habits, human behaviour and focus, said: “There are two kinds of people.” There are people who do it and there are those who lie. The release of Marvel Snap, a brand new mobile card game, in October caused a shift.

A good car phone mount will stop your phone from being a danger while driving and turn it into a tool that can help you on your trip. If your car is equipped with an infotainment screen, you may still want to place the additional screen somewhere that’s secure, safe and does not obstruct your vision of the road.

It’s easy to keep everything in view with a good phone mount for your car. You can never go wrong with a car phone mount. There are many options to suit your personal style. Based on actual testing, here are the best car phone mounting options.

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