Surfing in Bali: Travel Tips & Tricks, Surfing Spots and Some Hidden Treasures

Do you dream of an endless emerald cocoon in your dreams? What about doing a 360-degree spin in an A-frame? It’s our happy spot. You can make your dreams come true Bali surfing trip. Surfing in Bali is a dream of many serious surfers. It has been there since the 60s. Simply put, Bali is in the sweetest spot. The vast Indian Ocean exposes the Bali Sea to ground swells created by the roaring 40s. Are you not familiar with meteorological terminology? The location of the roaring 40s in the Southern Hemisphere is where storms and cyclones are formed. These events push waves north. These waves, which eventually reach Bali, travel a long distance.

Surf hotels are a rising trend in the world of surf travel. Many companies now offer surfing camps and travel packages to international tourists in some of the most popular surfing areas around the globe. Surf camps can be used by anyone, whether you are an experienced surfer looking for tips and tricks or someone just starting surfing. You might be asking yourself, Is it a club, or are they just for professional surfers? Is the camp only for surfing? Surf camps/surf hotels offer steal-of-a deal packages that include accommodation and food. They also provide a great community atmosphere, as well as surf lessons. Each company’s surfing packages are unique, but they all offer the same memorable experience.

People travel from all parts of the globe to Bali because of its unique spots and spectacular swell in summer. Many people return to Bali over and again. With its beautiful jungles and iconic waves, Bali is a top choice for learning how to surf. It is a vast drawcard that you will leave Bali a better surfer no matter your level of skill. These factors, along with the abundance of beginner-friendly spots, make Bali a popular destination for those who want to learn how to surf. You wouldn’t mind surfing on a beautiful Indonesian island for your first session. These spots are all within easy reach, except the famous Bukit Peninsula cluster.

Bali is the epicentre of Indonesia’s tourism industry. With its white sandy beaches and jungle-clad interior, it’s not hard to see why Bali is so popular with surfers. On the flip side, this means plenty of tourists to socialise with, and the country has the best party atmosphere. However, this is when waves are at their peak. There are still some spots that work in the wet season, and there will be fewer people. Due to Indonesia’s equatorial position, you can expect temperatures up to 30°F in the air and the same temperature in the water.

You are welcomed to Nusa Lembongan and Bali Surf Camp. Do you dream of riding perfect turquoise waves in a tropical paradise and surfing flawless waves? This Indonesian adventure will make your dream come true. You’ll be staying in a private villa perched on a cliff with breathtaking views of Nusa Lembongan’s crystal-clear waters. After breakfast, you are taken by boat to your favourite surfing spot by your fellow travellers. The sensation of sliding on turquoise waves is incredible, and you can also see the bright colours of the reef below your surfboard. Your Barefoot surf guide reviews your videos and photos back at the villa. You feel more motivated than ever before. You and your friends can enjoy fresh fish at the family restaurant of your surf coach, right on your beach.


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