The concept of reliance on Allah is a familiar one

It was only a few weeks ago that this deadly, highly contagious virus appeared. This phenomenon, which has spread rapidly across continents is a sign of humility from Allah the All-Mighty, Al-‘Aziz, that a microscopic organism invisible to the human eye could multiply and cause havoc. It is destroying resources and causing deaths in one swift motion. The global financial markets have been crippled, and many of the activities that we normally take for granted, such as schools, businesses, places of worship, and recreational facilities, are now forced to close.

The pandemic has not yet been brought under control. Pandemics are not prejudiced by race, nation, religion, political or social status. While we are faced with these unimaginable circumstances, filled with fear and uncertainty about the future, our relationship with Allah remains رقم شيخ روحاني unchanged. Allah promises ease with every difficulty.

As we pass through the test of faith (fitnah), we need to find ways to cleanse ourselves and nourish our souls. Every moment is an opportunity for the believer to receive blessings and rewards. We remain hopeful in Allah the Al-Rahman Eternal refuge (al Samad), who is always there for us and never let us down. He brings us from darkness to light time and again. Allah doesn’t send us hardships without giving us the tools to find relief. How we respond to hardship is the real test. It goes beyond our worldly concerns and discomfort. How do we deal with what is beyond our control and comprehension? How can we find purpose, comfort, and peace while overcoming anxiety, fear, and isolation?

We need to take a moment to step back, and not get caught up in the daily news and the logistics surrounding this crisis. It is important to stay informed but we also have to remember that today marks another step on the road back to Allah. We must have faith, patience, gratitude and trust in Allah to find the Straight Path.

This is one of the most important blessings that we can have to maintain and nurture our faith. This source is what inspires confidence, hope and contentment in the divine will, especially during times of uncertainty and fear. Allah says that he will “provide” for the believers from unexpected sources.

Ibn al-Qayyim stated that “whoever relies on Allah is enough for him”.5 Therefore, Ibn al-Qayyim claimed, “Tawakkul (reliance on Allah) is the half of religion. Inabah is the second half of religion, which means to return to Allah and be repentant in every matter.

Tawakkul is a part of every believer’s heart. Our spiritual practice and well-being are based on it. This is the ideal lens to guide one’s actions and outlook to achieve the desired outcome. Allah says, “And once you’ve decided, rely on Allah.” Allah is indeed fond of those who depend [upon him].”7 We all struggle and are thrown off course, we doubt ourselves, worry about the future, complain, or even feel fearful when no solution is in sight.

Tawakkul helps us to stay focused and on track, as well as bring resolve and satisfaction. Tawakkul has many benefits, including that it allows you to give Allah the burdens of your mind and heart. You are not abandoned or broken. Allah has given you what you really need. The believer knows this and says with confidence: “My success was not only through Allah.” “I have trusted in him, and I will return to Him.”8

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