Top 9 Things to Do in Nosara, Costa Rica

The town of Nosara may appear simple at first. It’s a collection of dirt roads that wind through dense jungle and others that return you to where you began. You’ll be amazed at the charm of this charming beachside resort. Nosara offers a tranquil landscape of coves, serene rivers, and vast tropical forests. It is the perfect place to recharge and escape.

We spent the last year living in Nosara, exploring all that this popular yoga-surfing spot has to offer. This post will give you all the information to plan your trip, including our top recommendations for restaurants and hotels. Nosara can be found about halfway down the Pacific coast, in a remote Things To Do Nosara area of the Nicoya Peninsula. Liberia (LIR) is the closest international airport, approximately 2.5 hours away. The shortest distance to the largest airport in Costa Rica is San Jose (SJO), which takes about 4-5 hours. The drive from either location is on well-paved roads for the most part, except about an hour before Nosara, where the road turns into rough dirt. Four-wheel drive is recommended.

Tip: You can fly into San Jose but do not want to drive. Instead, take a small plane straight to Nosara. Nature Air has daily flights that take less than one hour and cost only $80.

It won’t take you long to find Nosara’s unique layout once you get there. Nosara does not have a main street along the beach, as many Costa Rican coastal towns do. Instead, roads and businesses are separated from the ocean by thick jungle. There are many offshoots to get to the beaches that run parallel to the main road. Playa Guiones is reached via one of these major roads. This stretch is home to most shops and restaurants. You can also walk to the beach from it.

You can also find Playa Pelada and the “Boca,” where the Nosara River flows into the ocean from other roads. These are smaller sections spread out more than Guiones, but they have the best Nosara restaurants and hotels. You will find more amenities such as a gas station, a hardware store, and a more extensive grocery shop. This was the original town center, where most residents still live and work.

Many travelers prefer to own their transportation because Nosara is so scattered. Remember that Nosara’s roads are incredibly rough when choosing a vehicle. During your trip, you’ll notice that most locals travel by ATV or motorcycle. You can rent ATVs in the town, and you can also check out our rental car discounts.

Tip: Stay in Playa Guiones if you don’t want to rent a car. This is where you will find most restaurants and shops. Tuk-tuk taxis, the best way to travel to Pelada and other destinations, are always available. Although Nosara may seem remote and wild, it is home to many amenities. You’ll find gourmet food shops, bakeries, yoga studios, and boutique hotels and restaurants that offer international cuisine. These businesses are geared towards ex-pats and travelers so that prices can be higher in Costa Rica.

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