you’ve always wanted to try your hands on digital art

Procreate ColorDrop functions in the same way as Microsoft Paint’s bucket fill feature. ColorDrop is easy to use. Choose the color from your palette and tap the circle at the upper right. Drag the color where you want it to be on the canvas. The color will fill the entire canvas or work around any shapes you have already placed.

ColorDrop can sometimes “spill” onto the entire canvas if used with Quickshape. Quickshape would have been more helpful in controlling the color. However, you can continue to hold down and drag left/right to adjust the ColorDrop threshold. Zooming in on pixels is exhausting and time-consuming. Gaussian Blur and the smudge tool are great options if you are uncomfortable with more Procreate classes advanced blend modes.

The smudge tools are between the eraser and paintbrush icons at the top right. It looks like a diagonally pointing finger. To keep your original brush consistent, tap the smudge button. You can adjust the size and opacity of your brush on the left-hand.

Gaussian Blur is even easier to use. After selecting the drawing, you wish to blur, tap on the icon in the upper left. Choose Gaussian Blur. You have two options: adjust the intensity of the blur on all layers (swipe your Pencil around the screen to adjust the blur) or choose Pencil for a more specific approach (similar to the smudge tools).

Open Brush Studio by tapping twice on a brush from the library. There are many ways to modify your meeting or make a completely new one. Surprise! There is a lot to do here. It’s a lot of work, wonders! You can experiment with different brush strokes. The Drawing Pad window will show you how a brushstroke looks after you make changes. You can cancel by tapping the cancel button.

Stroke Path is an excellent place to dip your feet in Brush Studio. Stroke Path allows you to adjust your brushstroke. It includes Spacing and Streamlining and Jitter, Fall Off, and Jitter. You can adjust each property with a slider. The brush’s appearance can also be seen in Drawing Pad.

Adjusting Spacing can change how smooth (less Spacing) or uneven (more Spacing) your stroke is. Streamlineing can also control smooth strokes. If you are interested in handwriting or calligraphy, increasing the Streamline will eliminate any imperfections that might occur.

However, increasing Jitter can give a rougher edge to a brushstroke. Fall Off also affects the stroke’s transparency, making the stroke fade. Your stroke will become shorter if you use Fall Off more often before the “ink” runs out. You can create endless combinations of brushes, even without using Brush Studio. Many talented designers also offer pre-made brush packs you can download online. Although I prefer to import brush packs from Creative Markets, some artists may sell them on their websites. Although backpacks can be expensive, most websites allow you to filter by price.

With just a few clicks, you can add Text to your piece. Click the wrench icon, then tap Add Text. You will see a text box appear on your canvas. Your iPad keyboard will accompany this. Here you can enter what you like. Double-tap the text box to select all. Tap the Aa at the top right corner. Taping Aa will open the text editor suite, where you can modify the font style, size, and kerning.

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